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Introduction to PLANWEL

Association of planning professionals for social welfare works (PLANWEL), is a not for profit organization established in 1990 by a group of technocrats and professionals and one of its objectives is to provide quality education and research and development facilities to the masses. PLANWEL is registered vide DSW (582)-under the Registration and Control Ordinance, XLVI of 1961, Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Sindh

 Its first project; ALCOS was sponsored jointly by the Pakistan Software Export Board, Ministry of Communication. Government of Pakistan and the University Grants Commission, and is working on priority projects, which includes a program for training of graduates as software developers to meet the demand for the international and local software houses.

Planwel University is a dedicated manpower training and research and development institution of higher learning, offering practical, useful, effective and made-to-measure degree and non-degree, Continuing Education training, testing and skill assessment of employees for companies and institutions. It forms part of a new generation of Training Centers committed to personalized training, through the use of many varied pedagogical and technological resources. PLANWEL’s aim is to provide a high-quality service to those wishing to join the labor market, offering them the opportunity of obtaining the qualifications needed to meet the current demand.

PLANWEL has been awarded the status of an ALCoS business partner jointly by the University Grants Commission and the Pakistan Software Export Board Ministry of Communication Government Of Pakistan with the responsibility of establishing institute for training Information Technology workforce of international standards which will assist the Software export program of the government of Pakistan.

This Institute of higher learning has been equipped to train students in the field of Information Technology on a laboratory and lecture format. However, PLANWEL now intend to upgrade and modernize the educational delivery and gradually convert this Institute to a distance learning/virtual university (POP – Point Of Presence).

The members of the Board of Management of PLANWEL are a highly motivated group of professionals belonging to various fields of, computer software, hardware telecommunications, engineering, design, architecture, city and regional planning, management, accounting economics, management etc. and are assisting by setting up training centers in information technology and building of data bases for the government industry, trade and commerce. It is merely a direct commitment of professionals towards upgrading the quality of underprivileged masses in the developing Countries under the changing scenario of Globalization.

Objective of PLANWEL

1. Promoting high standards of education particularly in the provision and development of academic, management and administrative information systems throughout the Pakistan Higher Education Sector.

2. Creating awareness in all sectors of the society so that Information technology could be introduced at all levels, thereby building knowledge based societies.

3. Enhancing the skills required of the citizens in a knowledge based economy by producing knowledge workers.

4. Promoting life-long learning, continuing education and adult education programme

5. Conducting distance learning based on ICT and R&D on Open distance learning tools.

Mission of PLANWEL

Bringing Technology To The People
Building Technology Based Communities
Technology For The People And Run By The People

The mission of PLANWEL is to promote education and research such that quality education could reach underprivileged masses globally. Education can, indeed be used as a tool for developing countries to improve quality of life of underprivileged communities, and in turn help the globalization process for the entire world. For this purpose it is necessary to have a unified educational system able to cater for the entire underdeveloped population.

For addressing this mission, PLANWEL will first train trainers of international quality in all disciplines, both at Karachi, Pakistan, and other partner Universities of Pakistan and abroad. These trained personnel will enter the market equipped with skills and engineering theory, basic management concepts, business communications, knowledge of the internet, English as well as plenty of experience in their own areas of expertise. These graduates will be formidable candidates for employment in the most challenging environment possible.

In order to provide quality education to the masses, PLANWEL is desirous to take assistance from Institutions and members of the International Community, particularly those who are using the most advanced technology which could economize quality education for underprivileged masses and make it possible to educate more and more people with minimum number of instructors at minimum cost. This has now become possible through the distance learning process - conducted by the Planwel Virtual University POP (Point Of Presence) using electronic media the first one was established at gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi..

PLANWEL believes that in order to make the Planwel Virtual University POP’s a reality for globalization of education it is essential to open up delivery (POP’s - Point Of Presence) in each and every community of underdeveloped nations with the help of local private sector. These (POP’s - Point Of Presence) will act as catalyst for development and diffusing disparity. In reality the Planwel Virtual University POP’s will host researchers and Professors from around the world; while the (POP’s - Point Of Presence) will be their classrooms all over the developing world. These researchers/professors can be part of the Panel from around the world so it will be a true virtual forum, disseminating their knowledge through the (POP’s - Point Of Presence) around the GLOBE. This is what PLANWEL’S goal is;

“Taking Technology To The People”

This eventually would cater for research and development on the Internet infrastructure in the underdeveloped regions. Once this system has been tested then this could be replicated in the region withy facilities like health care and various other sectors. Which in turn could be quite affordable at that point; since just as an example a panel of top surgeons from around the world can provide life saving operating instructions to a local surgeon in some remote health center in a third world country. This project is tailored to underprivileged regions of the world, and will prepare the communities for the new millennium’s Technology Based Communities. These POP’s (Point of Presence) could be maintained and operated by local communities while at the same time can be used for various other Information Technology related services like telemedicine, e-commerce, telebanking etc. In return providing needed facilities and generating money. Thus these POP’s (Point of Presence) will be the true reflection of PLANWEL’s vision for:

"Building Technology Based Communities"

Further, these POP’s (Point of Presence) will serve as the new community centers of the new millennium. Where at one end it will be the gateway to the world by providing choices and opportunities to the remote and desolate communities; on the other it will induce sense of community delivering a message:

"Technology For The People And Run By The People"

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