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Proposal for Sudan Electronic City:

PLANWEL in association with M/s Aftab and Associates, Karachi, a broad based consultancy organization and World View Foundation an international NGO based in Malaysia has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Science and Technology for establishing a Sudan Electronic City to be developed to promote the ICT industry in Sudan to new dimensions. Sudan is taking the regional-lead in building a unique communication infrastructure; is seeking to pioneer by a leading edge ICT city.

The city will act as a catalyst for the ICT development in the country. This development and the ICT based projects is the backbone for the economical revolution that is taking place in the country.

Asia City Online Navigational Project:

The project ASIA_CITY: "On-line Navigational Environmental City Information / ASIA-CITY", falls under the framework of the European Programme "Liaise with European IT&C initiatives and programmes". It was implemented by a consortium of organizations belonging to 5 Asian – Pakistan, India, Nepal, Brunei, Vietnam and two European countries- Greece and Germany to prepare a, GIS based Software know as Asia_City. The lead partner being the National Technical University of Athens. PLANWEL, represented Pakistan. The results of the project were presented in a series of seminars in Pakistan organized by the EC delegation in Pakistan and the Pakistan Software Export Board, the focal point in Pakistan.

Utah State University:

In order to assure quality education, research and development, PLANWEL University has partnered with Utah State University, USA to establish the first Utah State University and PLANWEL (POP - Point of Presence). It is the first instance that a leading Carnegie Foundation For Education Classified Research University-I is opening up its International Center in the region; which is a major step towards quality education, research and development in the region.

PLANWEL has signed an agreement with the Utah State University for offering Bachelors and Master level courses in various disciplines e.g Agriculture; Business; Education; Engineering; Family Life; Humanities, Arts, and Social Science; Natural Resources and Information Technology etc and have also agreed to set up a R&D center for Software development to train young Pakistani n graduates in software projects.

We are waiting for the legislation on Distance learning to be enacted by the government to commence the program

Utah State University has a national and international reputation for teaching, research, and service and takes seriously its land-grant mission of extending its educational resources to the populous of the state of Utah and throughout the world. USU is a Carnegie Foundation I Research University ranking in the top 5% of universities in the United States Utah State University has over 20,000 students served by eight academic colleges To help facilitate this delivery, USU utilizes a digital satellite-based, electronic distance education network, which supports five graduate and five undergraduate degree programs, with approximately 194 courses generating 23,970 credit hours per year. Live programming is delivered to 60 different electronic classrooms at remote sites throughout Utah and surrounding states. USU is now using this capability to deliver programs throughout the world. Utah State University has an experienced international faculty with the instructional expertise to design and deliver most educational programs and custom fit training needs.

Kansas State University, USA:

PLANWEL has signed an MOU with the KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, USA to run distance education programs in Pakistan. We are waiting for the enactment of legislation for distance education by the Government to commence our programs.

American Distance Learning Consortium (ADEC), USA:

PLANWEL has duly entered into an agreement with ADEC a consortium of about 100 top Universities of USA to assist PLANWEL for education and research in PAKISTAN

ADEC, American Distance Education Consortium (http://www.adec.edu/), is a foremost leader in providing and creating access to customer driven distance education in its mission areas. ADEC is a non-profit international consortium of state and land grant institutions providing high quality and economic distance education programs and services via the latest and most appropriate information technologies. Primary emphasis is on programs relating to: Food and Agriculture; children, youth and families; community/economic development; distance education and technology; environment and natural resources; nutrition and health.

OARnet, USA:

PLANWEL has signed an MOU with the OARnet for providing consultation services to PLANWEL and the Government of Pakistan for providing Intemet2 connectivity to Pakistan, for establishing a gigaPoP and arrangements for bringing international connectivity to gigaPoP.

OARnet, Ohio Academic and Research Network (http://www.oar.net), is a nonprofit division of the Ohio Supercomputer Center and The Ohio State University. OARnet serves as an Intemet2 gigaPoP and hosts one of the two Intemet2 Technology Evaluation Centers that evaluate and develop emerging networking technologies. OARnet also built and operates a regional infrastructure that provides traditional Internet connectivity. In addition to regional Network Operations Center (NOC) services, OARnet also provides international services in support of video over IP and satellite-based education network. OARnet is a system integrator, familiar with high performance networking, that can

World View Foundation:

PLANWEL is the local partner and representative to WVF in Pakistan and have submitted several proposals to the government

Worldview Foundation is a Malaysian chapter of Worldview International Foundation setup in response to the Malaysian Governments call to NGO`s to supplement and complement its efforts to achieve Vision 2020.

Worldview Foundation specializes in media and communication for sustainable development. With the convergence of IT and Multimedia, Developing Nations can rapidly be transformed into knowledge societies.

We have the expertise and experience to help bring organizations into the ICT age. programs are customized to ensure relevance, usefulness and affordability.

EUNIS (http://www.eunis.org):

PLANWEL is a member by correspondence with the EUNIS and a National node for establishing a network of Universities in Pakistan

PLANWEL is further working with EUNIS - European University Information Systems Organization; Responsible for the management and development of information systems in higher education in Europe has designated PLANWEL as a National member for forming a network of other universities and Institutions of higher learning in Pakistan through the PLANWEL Academic and Research Network (PARN) and has established its branch in Pakistan as PLANWEL Academic and Research Network. Under it PLANWEL has also established Pakistan Library Network

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